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Drupal is a free open source modular framework and content management system (CMS) written in PHP. Drupal, like many modern CMS systems, allows the system administrator to create and organize content, customize the presentation, automate administrative tasks, and manage site visitors and contributors. Salzer Technologies is an Industry pioneer in Drupal customization services.

Drupal Customization

Drupal CMS is ranked as the premier content management system trusted by thousands of organizations throughout the world. We at Salzer Technologist are ardent followers of Drupal CMS technology and apply it in developing blogs and websites at large. Drupal is considered the next generation CMS based upon its speed and flexibility. Large and complex websites use Drupal to expedite the development lifecycle. Drupal has no license fee and is easy and efficient to implement with small, mid and large size technology projects. Drupal is easy and efficient to use in technology development.

Our Drupal Customization Services

As Drupal developers & designers, we offer custom Drupal customization, Drupal theme design, module development and Drupal web development. We have skilled and professional developers / programmers for Drupal development work. Salzer developers have several years of experience in PHP. Salzer developers have experience in customizing and integrating many corporate websites. We have a team of Drupal designers to design Drupal themes and free templates.

Salzer Technologies can provide Drupal technical support. We perform this task in the following ways:
• We ensure that your Drupal website is up-to-date addressing any security threats, attacks, or concerns.
• We help site editors who are not familiar with Drupal’s layout by providing our expertise in Drupal customization.
• We offer assistance when it comes to new functionality requirements.
• Installation and configuration of new Drupal modules is performed by a Salzer Technologist.
We even take care of performance assessments.

Upgrade Drupal website from version 5.x, 6.x to latest 7.x version

Earlier versions of Drupal (version 5 & 6) have been upgraded to Drupal 7. Salzer Technologist implement and design using the latest versions of Drupal. We are well versed and skilled at migrating websites from the later versions to the most current version available. Our technologist understand that upgrading to a new version of software requires time and effort due to the number of changes between Drupal versions. Our technologist are abreast of these developments and use new features while developing and upgrading existing Drupal based websites.