Platform as a Service (PAAS)

Platform as a Service is often referred to as PAAS. PAAS is a category of cloud computing that provides a platform and environment to allow developers to build applications and services over the internet. PAAS services are hosted in the cloud and can be accessed by users via their web browser. Today business applications are moving to the cloud. The shift from traditional software models to the Internet has steadily gained momentum over the last decade. Looking ahead, the next decade of cloud computing promises new ways to collaborate everywhere through mobile devices.

With cloud computing you are not managing hardware and software. The shared infrastructure means it works like a utility: you only pay for what you need, upgrades are automatic, and scaling up or down is easy. Cloud-based applications can be up and running in days or weeks, and they cost less. With a cloud app, you just open a browser, log in and start using it. Businesses are running all kinds of apps in the cloud. Some of the world's largest companies have moved their applications to the cloud.

Our Services and Expertise

Salzer Technologies understands the trend and provides a team of experienced developers to help you create the next generation of business application right in the cloud or we can assist you in migrating existing systems to the cloud. Using the cloud platforms it is possible to create a web application serving millions of users, a backend service accessible from mobile devices or a background job to perform big data analysis. Any application can scale on demand.

The most widely used cloud platforms are Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Windows Azure and Amazon EC2. From company intranets and custom workflow integrations to custom web applications and integration with LOB applications, Salzer Technologies creates solutions for these platforms. We utilize all the benefits of a cloud platform including cloud file storage, traditional SQL cloud databases, No-SQL cloud services for big data storage and analysis.

Managing any cloud platform is a simple task. Our engineers will not only deliver the application, we will also assist in deploying it to the cloud and managing it while it is in production to make sure you get maximum benefits from investing in the cloud.

Microsoft Windows Azure

Azure is Microsoft's Cloud Computing offering for developers to build and deploy applications on a pay-per-use basis. Azure is a comprehensively managed hosted platform for running applications and services.

The Windows Azure Platform is an internet-scale cloud services platform hosted in Microsoft data centers, which provides an operating system and a set of developer services that can be used individually or together. Azure's flexible and interoperable platform can be used to build new applications to run from the cloud or enhance existing applications with cloud-based capabilities. Its open architecture gives developers the choice to build web applications, applications running on connected devices, PCs, servers, or hybrid solutions offering the best of online and on-premises.

Salzer works closely with Microsoft to help customers take advantage of the cost savings, efficiencies, and ease of management associated with this next-generation computing model. A usage-based platform enables us to deliver solutions that increase their efficiency on a global scale.

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform enables developers to build, test and deploy applications on Google's highly-scalable and reliable infrastructure. It provides computing, storage, and application services for your web, mobile, and backend solutions.

Global network: Google has one of the largest and most advanced computer networks. Google�s backbone network has thousands of miles of fiber optic cable, uses advanced software-defined networking, and has edge caching services to deliver fast, consistent, and scalable performance. In fact, we even laid our own fiber optic cable under the Pacific Ocean.

Redundancy: Multiple points of presence across the globe provides strong redundancy. Your data is automatically mirrored across storage devices in multiple locations. If you would like to Know more about Google Cloud Platform.

Amazon EC2

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) is a web service that provides resizable compute capacity in the cloud. It is designed to make web-scale computing easier for developers.

Amazon EC2's simple web service interface allows you to obtain and configure capacity with minimal friction. It provides you with complete control of your computing resources and lets you run on Amazon's proven computing environment. Amazon EC2 reduces the time required to obtain and boot new server instances to minutes, allowing you to quickly scale capacity, both up and down, as your computing requirements change. Amazon EC2 changes the economics of computing by allowing you to pay only for capacity that you actually use. Amazon EC2 provides developers the tools to build failure resilient applications and isolate themselves from common failure scenarios. If you would like to Know more about Amazon EC2.