The Salzer Technologies Technology center is networked from the southeast coast of India to Salzer offices in the U.S. and clients via a robust secure high-speed connectivity, VoIP, and a secure point-to-point VPN tunnel. This allows for non-stop communications, ongoing technical support, and extensive consultation with project managers, business analysts and quality assurance specialists who have vast experience in solutions development, application design and development, and software testing and maintenance.

The infrastructure is solid and sophisticated with a server farm of several high-end servers, CVS and VSS-based configuration management infrastructure, collaborative platform for communication and project management, CMM-level processes, and continuous integration tools. Our delivery model can be onsite, offshore or a combination of both to accommodate the needs of our clients.

Power Outage Backup

  • Generator: 125 kVa
  • UPS: 10 kVa x 8 units


  • "CyberRoam" Firewall
  • "Symantec Endpoint Protection" Anti-virus
  • "DeviceLock" Data Leak Prevention
  • Surveillance Camera throughout our campus
  • Access Card Entry
  • Office 365

Dedicated Leased Line

  • 20Mbps x 2 nos.(Up time 99.5%)

Development Centers

  • ECM and BI Development Center
  • PHP / Ruby on Rails Development Center
  • Microsoft Development Center
  • Java Development Center
  • Mobility Development Lab
  • UI and UX Design Center
  • QA Lab


Delivery Framework

The Salzer methodology is driven by a Transparent Offshore Model (TOM) that is based on 3Cs i.e. collaboration, communication and currency.
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