Life Sciences

Life Sciences industry is a fast-changing landscape, the global Pharmaceutical and Biotech industry is undergoing a shift defined by its regulated content - massive volumes of regulated content. The life sciences industry has always maintained a deep focus on developing high manufacturing standards and reducing costs. However, there are significant improvements possible by harnessing technology in the Life sciences Industry area. These wide-sweeping changes are driving innovation at the grassroots level to improve manufacturing efficiency and product quality, while reducing the risks of compliance.

India is among the top five pharmaceutical emerging markets. The worldwide demand for cost-effective generic drugs is leading India to rise as a hub of generic drug manufacturer and clinical Research development center.


Despite the exponential growth, the life sciences Industry is battling challenges, namely,

  • Falling R&D productivity.
  • Patent cliffs.
  • Regulatory risk.
  • Ever-changing technology,
  • Regulatory Submission

In pharma sector Quality management and conformance to global standards act as critical barriers in delivering products and services in a sustainable manner.


In line with the trends, issues, and challenges in the global life sciences sector, companies should focus on Solutions and Services to accelerate drug discovery, advance clinical trial efficiencies, maximize manufacturing productivity and regulatory submissions.