Microsoft Sharepoint

Time is the major component of any business. More often than not in an organization the time is consumed mostly in searching for information or records since they are not managed properly. Salzer Technologies realizes this concern of all organizations and recommends Microsoft SharePoint tool to mitigate the problem. Microsoft SharePoint provides the single platform that helps people share, manage and find information - working together without wasting time searching and duplicating tasks. But we also insist that to utilize the full capabilities of SharePoint, the organization should choose and work with a vastly experienced SharePoint expertise.

Why Salzer technologies?

Salzer Technologies has been working more than a decade using Microsoft SharePoint with many clients ranging from a small organization to a large enterprise. We have proven experience and team of experts to provide a solution. In fact, we have been using our own collaboration tool that we have built and customized using Microsoft SharePoint.

  • Salzer Technologies has been using the Microsoft SharePoint tool from its 2001 version to deliver Enterprise portals.
  • Our development team of Microsoft Certified programmers helps to configure, customize and develop intranet, extranet and internet portals based on Microsoft SharePoint.
  • Salzer has huge experience in facilitating enterprise wide business processes with the help of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS)

sharepoint services from salzer technologies
Our Capabilities with Microsoft SharePoint
We provide business content management, process implementation, inter and intra - team collaboration through consolidated sites, handling of business records and, accessing, searching and analysis of business data with the help of MOSS. With MOSS, Salzer has provided support to organizations in increasing cohesion between teams by collaborating and publishing business documents, implementing workflows and task-lists for various teams. We have developed customized portals for employees to store and share their personal information such as HR profile, contact details etc. using MOSS.

Business processes can be automated by creating workflows and form-based information processing. Alongside business process automation, Salzer has developed MOSS-based applications to aid business data analysis and decision-making. Salzer has made the use of SharePoint development to create dynamic enterprise-scale sites, business dashboards, menu- based applications that are rapidly growing. SharePoint development also aids in incorporating information from external systems as well.

Our Services with Microsoft SharePoint

  • SharePoint site development and integration of a client's business as per business requirement
  • Portal Customization
    • Vertical/Horizontal separation of information
    • Vertical/Horizontal sharing of information
    • Branding
  • Development and deployment in the planned environment
  • Creating business dashboards & views for Business Data representation
  • Business Process automation using Customized workflows & form-based information processing
  • Reusable Web Part development and deployment
  • Cross platform data integration with SharePoint
  • Management Solutions like Project Management, User Management, Attendance and Leave Management
  • Single Sign on implementation for Business applications integration
  • Migrations from Share Point 2003 to MOSS 2007, 2007 to 2010 and 2010 to 2013