Persona Building

One of the most important factors affecting marketing campaigns is that marketers do not align themselves with the needs of the users.

There is a need to think, feel and behave like your audience to communicate with them effectively, and this is why Persona Building is a major factor in a successful marketing campaign.


Creating characters that are a highly detailed representation of your target audience is called persona, and the process is called persona building. Personas are generally a composite of people that do exist.

Components of Persona Building

  • Name and Title
  • Basics
  • Personal and Professional background
  • Attitude or Quote
  • Technical background
  • Favourites
  • Goals
  • I need / I want factors
  • Name and Title

UX Design Services

UI Design Services

  • Visual Design
  • RIA (Rich Internet Applications) Theming
  • HTML / CSS Development
  • W3C Validation
  • Accessibility
  • Cross Browser compatibility
  • Brand Analysis
  • Updating content / images / videos / audios / banner ads / web animation
  • Content Migration & Maintenance