Salzer Technologies strongly adheres to its proven standards in providing efficient, cost effective solutions in less turnaround time. These qualities have made Salzer Technologies one of the most sought after companies for outsourcing. The key factor for this success is that Salzer Technologies believes in Free Open Source Software (FOSS). Apart from Java, PHP along with Ruby On Rails (ROR) technologies have made big strides in this Open Source era to compete with all other enterprise technologies. Over the years, Salzer Technologies has built a strong and efficient team to provide solutions in these technologies.

We always wanted to give our best to our clients and so we always choose the best, proven and latest tools and cutting edge technologies for building a solution for them. For faster, effective and efficient solutions we recommend PHP, one of the very popular server side language which has evolved in to a league of proven sophisticated technologies that can be used for any needs, be it a dynamic website, content management solution, RESTful webservice or an e-commerce solution.

Platform Independent

PHP based web solutions are platform independent, in the sense that they can run in any environment be it a Linux based or Windows based operating system. It also supports almost all the current web servers. The features that could be incorporated in to a PHP based web site are vast in numbers and it is available as open source for free.

Our Expertise

For more than a decade Salzer Technologies has been providing dynamic web based, database-driven dynamic software services and solutions using PHP. We have a team with immense knowledge and experience in transforming a legacy PHP application from a spaghetti mess to an organized, modern, testable application, free of global and mixed concerns.

  • We have experience in providing complete solutions ranging from simple websites to more complex websites.
  • We follow a well-established development methodology and apply stringent quality standards.
  • We offer total PHP web development services and possess a vast pool of experienced resources
  • We provide flexible engagement models at competitive price rates.

Services we can provide

  • Add custom PHP programs to your website
  • Fix your existing PHP pages
  • Design web forms using PHP and MySQL
  • Create dynamic image galleries, forums or message boards
  • Build or enhance your shopping cart
  • Create a custom content management system that allows you to easily edit your own website
  • Customer management
  • Credit card processing
  • File management
  • Membership management
  • Shopping carts
  • Products catalogs
  • Order tracking