Proof of Concept

In an advanced world, businesses prefer to accomplish their conceptual ideas by implementing them as a web application through integrating the needed information and data. Then the prototype has to review through various checking phases, finally the application will stand for production.

Though the businesses provide the exact information for the project development, there could be many chances to get deviated from the project flow line which resulted in the difference in the compiled result and the actual result.

This is a common scenario whenever we attempt to adhere with a web application development. Some of the substantial root causes for this occurring are as follows.

  • improper validation of tools and data specified from the host side.
  • inappropriate tools and methods, integration suggested by clients.
  • Wrong perception of their project scope and value and so on.

To overcome all those listed issue and other hidden pitfalls, Proof of concept emerged and established as a powerful state of maintaining the project consistency effectively.

Salzer is a Pioneer in developing MVP ( Minimal Viable Product ) - POC ( Proof of Concept )

Overview - Proof of Concept (POC)

Proof of concept (POC)/Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a contemporary methodology of evaluating the project's status and its functionality flow in such a way as how it is operable and optimized with the live environment (End user?s domain). There must be a question in this spot of time that, why this can't be done through the normal testing phases?
Of course, POC/MVP is also a sort of testing principles which facilitates the professionals to build their test cases to examine the project stuffs. This highly assist the testing professionals to evaluate the project in a most effective and economical way.

Detailed process of the POC

proof of concept services from salzer technologies
POC will be designed by associating with the testing professionals and generate the report and submitted it to the testing purpose, once the project completed its developmental phase. This report will be the powerful tool to build the test cases in order to carry out the successful project evaluation. In general, POC will provide all aspects whichever needs to execute the testing.

Salzer offers this effective service to the business to assist them to launch their business network in a robust free manner. We have a team of experts with deep insights in the POC process which will guarantee you the flawless results and project operability.

Like the stars in the universe, we cannot count the values and benefits of POC in the project development. Amongst the numerous findings, some of the most essential benefits are as follows.

  • Provide a complete report on the project evaluation.
  • Act as an excellent tool to forecast the feasibility of the projects.
  • Saves the businesses time and spending greatly before it applies to the host environment.
  • Suggests the various choices of testing tools and techniques to build the project with ultimate consistency.
  • Reliable and Portable to furnish the test case design.

Salzer has an unique, exclusive testing service known as Proof of Concept ( POC ) which examines the proposed design with the conceptual design and formulate the methodology and feasibility analysis to proceed with the testing phase.
We always pave comfort way to the business to influence the market. We perform POC services through web as well as mobile environment, hence businesses don't have to worry about the native environment compatibility issues.

Web Proof of Concept ( POC )

Salzer boasts of a POC MVP team, proficient in performing POC through web environment irrespective of the version or technical interfaces. So the businesses application can be evaluated in their native environment access, which confirms your application behavior exactly mimicking their live domain.

Mobile Proof of Concept ( POC )

Salzer do not compromise with the technical advancements even if it goes on a lightning pace. Now business can avail the POC services for checking their mobile application. We possess plethora of nuances in testing domain to examine mobile application effectiveness.
To make a more reputed and sustainable web enterprise establishment, talk to our POC service experts and get success in your business domain by follow the given link as follows.

proof of concept services from salzer technologies