Quality as a Service (QAAS)

Quality assurance and testing are extremely crucial in the software development cycle and should be introduced at the earliest stage of the project. The dedicated Quality Assurance Department at Salzer Technologies uses a wide range of comprehensive testing methods and tools to ensure that we deliver only the highest quality solutions. Salzer Technologies QA specialists have expertise in multiple technologies, platforms and standards.
By outsourcing the software testing and quality activities to Salzer Technologies, you are guaranteed better quality and productivity. Salzer Technologies holds several thousand hours of testing experience. We have handled projects of different domains and technology platforms. We have experience in successfully managing projects with good or minimal documentation.

Testing Solutions

Salzer Technologies QA service team assist clients by:

  • Helping assess complex software solutions and testing / QA needs
  • Identifying appropriate resources and time needed for testing / QA
  • Increasing reliability, scalability and peace of mind
  • Aiding in compressing the release cycle
  • Delivering on-time with dependable quality assurance
  • Maintaining superior quality to satisfy the end users or customers
  • Showing and initiating the testing / QA practices at inception
  • Identifying software defects early in the design and development
  • Reducing overall cost

Quick facts on our testing capabilities:

  • Group of specialized testers / QA experts
  • Highly skilled resources with multi-domain and multi-technology experience
  • QA group actively participates in all phases of development to ensure consistency in requirements, developments and implementations
  • Quality is the responsibility of every Salzer Technologies employee
  • Completion of several large and successful engagements for premier organizations completed
  • Innovative engagement models to address:
    • Fixed price, T&M engagements
    • Subscription models to address varying resource needs
    • Onsite, offshore and blended teams (highest leverage ratio for appropriate situations)
  • Significant cost savings generated through automation and regression testing repositories
  • Thorough knowledge in complete testing experience as per SDLC
  • Excellent and secured testing environment

Infrastructure and Methodology

  • Salzer technologies has a well-equipped infrastructure and methodology to provide software product testing and QA services in a controlled environment
    • Black box
    • White-box testing
  • Our services also provide analysis and localization of problems, which leads to shorter delivery and release schedules benefiting our clients
  • QA consultants from Salzer Technologies are equipped to handle both manual testing based on test plans, scripts and automated testing tools
  • Our offshore team is integrated into rigorous Salzer Technologies testing strategies and methodologies