Ruby on Rails

Our Solutions

Ruby On Rails (ROR) is an open-source web framework using which we have been developing and delivering flexible, cost-effective, robust and scalable web and console applications. We also have strong expertise in creating RESTful webservices using RoR. We pay attention to updating ourselves with the latest changes in the Ruby on Rails technologies.
We have more than 8 years of experience in programming RoR to create several web applications using tools namely Phusion Passenger - web & app server, Apache server, WEBRick - a library to test applications in development framework, Mongrel Cluster - a webserver to handle multiple request, Capistrano & Webistrano - to deploy web applications.

Salzer Ruby on Rails Development Services

  • Web application development
  • Custom development
  • E-Commerce application Development
  • Customization of Content Management System
  • RESTFUL Web Service development
  • Consulting services on Java-based software development