Transparent Offshore Model™(TOM)

Transparency is the watchword of the 21st century. Being able to know what's going on every step of the way with no surprises. The ability to "see" all the layers, the complexities, and the fabric of projects across the enterprise-knowing that what was asked for will be delivered-correctly, on time and on budget.

Salzer Technologies, a global outsourcing and consulting firm, is the only offshore company today that provides this end-to-end transparency-delivering visibility to the customer into the project management-related processes of team knowledge sharing, collaboration and technical decision making, software development and quality assurance. So, at the end of the day, the entire team is in synch with where the project stands.

How is it done? The answer is the Transparent Offshore Model™-TOM-a proprietary methodology that combines the best-of-breed technology solutions with open-access operations. TOM optimizes processes and procedures with high-quality skills and resources. TOM provides easy access to the right information at any time from any place within the organization-with a proven, projectized, matrix formula applied to all project team activity providing transparency to all information and accessibility by all decision makers across the enterprise so they can make the most informed decisions. It's a proven approach with successful client case studies to back it up.

The key is who you do your offshore outsourcing with-connecting resources with a company that knows how to satisfy client needs through an optimal combination of people, tools, technology, methodologies, and process expertise. That's where Salzer Technologies steps in.

Salzer Technologies provides a flexible framework that can be adapted to meet the needs of any project-regardless of size or complexity-to plan, build, and deploy business-driven technology solutions.


Delivery Framework

The Salzer methodology is driven by a Transparent Offshore Model™ (TOM) that is based on 3Cs i.e. collaboration, communication and currency.
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