UX Strategy ( user experience strategy )

User experience strategy projects the organization�s business and product strategies for a product or service from the end user�s perspective through a shared vision.
User experience strategy creates a vision for the end user about the interaction they will experience with your company products and services over time.

Components of User Experience Strategy

User experience strategy can be divided into 4 phases

Present � Where are you now ?

Define what you deliver to the user, address known issues and what the business would like to achieve

Future � Where you want to be ?

Define what purpose the strategy aims to achieve and address, identify opporunities to enhance your product and explore all aspects of user interaction.

How � roadmap to target

Plan to address pain point for the users and plan development of product or service offerings to continously maintain cohesion across user experience

Measurement � how you measure success ?

Define how you measure success of the product or service offerings, emulate and enhance how you value these pointers

User experience strategy benefits

Creating a User experience strategy helps you understand you current needs and hot to enhance the experience over a period of time and guarantees your product provides value and achieves your business goal, Creating a UX strategy helps to:

1. The entire team believes in the experience created
2. follows guidelines setup to eradicate abstract design thinking over development
3. Reduce time spent on building components that don�t contribute to user or business value

UX Design Services

UI Design Services

  • Visual Design
  • RIA (Rich Internet Applications) Theming
  • HTML / CSS Development
  • W3C Validation
  • Accessibility
  • Cross Browser compatibility
  • Brand Analysis
  • Updating content / images / videos / audios / banner ads / web animation
  • Content Migration & Maintenance