About Salzer Technologies

Since our inception in 2002, Salzer Technologies has been providing worldclass IT consulting, systems integration, custom, web based and business application development, product engineering, and QA services. Salzer Technologies is a proven global solution and service providing company with offices in Chennai, India, and in Northern Virginia, USA. Salzer Technologies enables its client to fully exploit technology for business transformation. Clients leverage our Transparent Offshore Model to achieve higher quality, rapid time-to-market, and cost-effective solutions. Salzer Technologies is now a ISO 9001:2008 and equivalent to CMMI Level 3 certified company. We are a member of NASSCOM (National Association of Software and Services Companies).

Who Do We Do It For?

Our clients range from small and midsized enterprises to Fortune 1000 companies, emerging technology firms across different industry verticals like manufacturing, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, retail, online media, automotive, technology, government, fitness, non-profit organizations etc.

Why do we care?

As opposed to the conventional view that offshoring is about cost reduction, the current scenario depicts a different picture of a huge gap between commitments given and the ability to deliver. Transparency is a commitment given but not practiced. The results being higher than expected cost, losing client�s internal skills and control, fear, uncertainty and doubt about outsourcing in general. Clients can no longer afford higher cost incurred but also increase the time-to-market.

We address these concerns by leveraging our offshore capabilities to deliver value-added, cost-effective business and technology enabled solutions and services at the highest quality allowing customers to make a remarkable difference in the corporate arena. The benefits of this trigger an economic value with a unique insight in the client�s business.

To achieve this, we have internally envisioned a collaborative environment of work culture towards specific tangible results. Thus, creating mutual accountability, integrity, leading change, excellence, respect for the individual, learning and sharing. We not only believe in delivering quality and cost effective services. We are also committed to bringing down the TCO of business solutions delivered to customers.

Why is our company different?

The Global Market for Offshore IT services and business processes has nearly tripled since 2001. All indications point to this trend continuing. To maintain this positioning and the continued potential expansion of the markets that offshoring can address, new models that go beyond the simple replication of onshore activities are imperative. We have developed a model and we are focused on setting a precedent to deliver offshore services and solutions for years to come. Our Transparent Offshore Model (a.k.a. TOM) is unique in the offshore space due its overall framework. TOM is the core of the services delivery framework and is comprised of collaboration, communication, and currency. The three C�s collectively represent the differentiating factor that results in Salzer Technologies ability to produce high performance and quality deliverables. This is an asset to the client organization and backed by greatly improved supportability. It�s more than a contract. It is a business relationship that matters to Salzer Technologies. We provide this end-to-end transparency model by delivering visibility to the customer in the form of our project management related processes of team knowledge sharing, collaboration and technical decision making, software development, and quality assurance. So, at the end of the day, the entire team is in sync with where the project stands.

Vision, Mission and Values


To grow and evolve with global standards and become recognized as a top IT services company by providing software solutions and services that will make a difference in the corporate world while triggering and adding economic value with a unique insight into the client�s business.


To successfully deliver value-added, cost effective and top quality business solutions that:
� Leverage existing technology assets
� Directly impact strategic and tactical decision making
� Support measurable return on investment
� Implement closed loop automation of decision making


Team work and Motivation
We actively promote and support a diverse yet unified team. We work with our clients to meet their common goals. Salzer Technologies gives equal importance to project team member�s satisfaction as that given for client satisfaction since it is the team that translates the client requirements to software product. Team members are motivated continuously to get the best out of them and the motivation level is monitored at regular intervals. We have developed a congenial and synergetic working atmosphere where the team members deliver their best. Our people management framework focuses on three key areas: Performance management, Reward & Recognition system and Talent management. Key activities include aligning individual performance with business performance; providing opportunities for individuals to realize personal and professional growth aspirations; and developing a flexible reward and explicit recognition program.

We have high regard for the rights and beliefs of our fellow employees, our clients and our investors. We treat people with the highest degree of dignity, equality and trust.

We accept individual and team responsibilities to meet commitments. We take responsibility for our performance in all of our decisions and actions.

We employ the highest ethical standards, demonstrating honesty and fairness in our collective actions.

We are creative in delivering intrinsic value to our fellow employees, clients, and investors. We widely anticipate change and capitalize on the many opportunities that arise.


Salzer Technologies firmly believes in applying the Service Oriented Approach and Architecture to leverage existing assets and is experienced in building layered and value-added solutions that reuse existing solutions over and over again.


Salzer Technologies helps clients plan, design, develop, and deploy solutions aimed at addressing complex business issues. Working collaboratively with our clients, we:
� Deliver cost-effective IT solutions
� Provide repeatable, scalable development, and deployment processes
� Create innovative solutions
� Accelerate project delivery through unique capabilities
� Close the talent skills gap that exists in many organizations


Salzer stongly believes that a successful relationship cannot be achieved by a contract alone. The contract is an important but superficial driver of day-to-day behavior. It is the behaviors of both parties in interpreting and operationalizing the contract that will cause the arrangement to triumph or fail. True behavior drivers are the underlying values held by the individual parties and the people involved in the agreement.Flexibility, the ability to change,and effective communication are the factors that form a good relationship.

Relationship Value Charter

Salzer, with its vast experience understands that one of the most difficult aspects of an outsourcing agreement agree upon the appropriate value and culture with the clients. For this reason, we follow a relationship values charter which lists the behaviors that we believe should be exhibited for the relationship to be effective. The list of behaviors we follow are.

Service expectations
We provide high standard services consistently on par with market standards.

Our communication with our customers is frequent, open, and honest.

Meet needs
Our team is proactive and reactive to the customer�s needs.

Creative solutions
We analyze the best ways to achieve a solution and recommend the best solution to our customers.

We focus on solving the problem and we don�t play blame games. We will resolve conflict at the lowest level appropriate.

We are fair to all our customers and vendors.

External relations
We do not tolerate sharing sensitive issues with individual�s outside of the customer relationship .

Industry model
We believe in industry model relationship.

We enjoy working together and respect one another.

Added value
We value the the long term business relationship over the monetary benefits with all clients.

Work seamlessly
The IT services value chain will appear seamless to the end user.

Technology leadership
We strive to have recognized technology leadership in all solutions and services we provide.


Delivery Framework

The Salzer methodology is driven by a Transparent Offshore Model� (TOM) that is based on 3Cs i.e. collaboration, communication and currency.
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