Work Environment

Salzer Technologies provides a work environment that fosters, rewards, and supports innovation and creativity. Work at Salzer is fun and offers flexibility and challenge. This is demonstrated by the authority and autonomy given to people to take initiative and the encouragement provided to them to bring forth innovative ideas to solve the client�s problems. Respect for colleagues is a key element of the Salzer work environment. Employees can freely discuss ideas and issues with senior management. There are established channels for issue escalation. Employees can communicate directly with human resource management with utmost confidentiality. Salzer Technologies also offers a steady career path linked to performance. Employees can move up the management chain of the company.

Employee Training

Employee training is a key aspect of our culture and supports our mission of delivering quality processes and solutions. All employees participate in a training program designed to enhance their technical expertise. Key topic areas are identified relative to the client�s project and all the project team members receive the appropriate training. Refresher sessions and brain-storming sessions are regularly offered. In addition to technical training, employees are provided with ongoing training in process areas so that they can better manage projects.

Salzer Technologies encourages its employees to participate in workshops and seminars conducted by external technical consultants. We understand the importance of ongoing education to our employees� careers. Salzer focuses on the advancement of its employees and assists them to meet specific performance expectations by supporting their participation in developmental activities and/or formal coursework or training.

Salzer Technologies also offers in-house training designed to fulfill a variety of functions�the most important of which is to improve the value of our employees. It is the mission of Salzer Technologies to prepare our workforce for promotions, to increase their performance, reduce turnover, and improve motivation and promote positive morale.


Delivery Framework

The Salzer methodology is driven by a Transparent Offshore Model� (TOM) that is based on 3Cs i.e. collaboration, communication and currency.
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