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Generative Artificial Intelligence

To unlock the potential of AI and generative AI (GenAI), enterprises have been swiftly prototyping solutions using large language models (LLMs) to address their business challenges. LLMs have proven to be highly adaptable for business adoption, showing promising results in both industry-specific and general applications. Companies across various sectors are now aiming to deploy LLMs in production to boost productivity and gain other advantages. However, to identify and mitigate the risks associated with GenAI and AI in general, businesses must adopt actionable AI-based solutions responsibly ensuring transparency, explainability, and fairness. While discussions on ethical AI are ongoing, frameworks for actionable and ethical AI usage are still evolving. It is high time enterprises capitalize on this opportunity.


Our proven framework for Actionable and Ethical AI implementation enables enterprises to effectively and responsibly harness the potential of AI and GenAI across their organizations.


We offer Actionable and Ethical AI services for every stage of AI adoption.

Salzer Technologies has been providing a comprehensive portfolio of Actionable and Ethical AI solutions covering the entire lifecycle of AI adoption from conceptualization of a solution to implementation to operations. Our services for Actionable and Ethical AI are built on a framework of five foundational pillars: safety, accountability, fairness, transparency, and privacy, with specific metrics mapped to each of these pillars. By leveraging these services, enterprises can get the best of out of AI, safely and responsibly.

Our curated Actionable and Ethical AI offerings are aimed at driving purpose-driven, sustainable outcomes and include:

Ai Services

Actionable and Ethical AI Adoption Strategy Consulting: Collaborating closely with CXOs and AI leaders at organizations, we establish actionable and ethical AI principles and implementation strategies. We identify or develop actionable and ethical AI frameworks and tools, formulate plans for actionable and ethical AI implementation, and create governance models and approaches for the operationalization of AI-based solutions.

Actionable and Ethical AI Assessment: Regardless of where enterprises are on their AI or GenAI journey whether just starting out or already with an implemented solution we assist in assessing their maturity level for these technologies by evaluating them against relevant metrics. We identify and mitigate potential risks and biases, including outputs that may not align with an organization's or jurisdiction's requirements, policies, or ethical guidelines, and results that reinforce existing biases. Utilizing Salzer Technologies solutions and services, alongside those of leading cloud service providers and our proven framework, we help mitigate risks and ensure enterprises are compliant and ready for AI and GenAI.

Actionable and Ethical AI Design and Implementation: Leveraging our Actionable and Ethical AI framework, along with capabilities from SALZER TECHNOLOGIES and our leading cloud service provider partners, we integrate ethical AI into the core of AI systems under development. This service addresses challenges related to security, privacy, bias, fairness, accountability, and explainability in existing AI and GenAI-based solutions. At every phase of adoption conceptualization, design, build, testing, and deployment we ensure that models adhere to the principles of our framework, paving the way for successful AI implementation.

Actionable and Ethical AI governance service: By applying our frameworks, methods, tools, and processes, we provide governance support for ethical use of AI and help ensure that enterprises AI initiatives comply with Actionable and Ethical AI principles.

Throughout, our subject matter experts work closely with companies GRC (governance, risk, and compliance), security, and AI teams to ensure that the implementation of AI and GenAI-powered solutions meet Actionable and Ethical AI principles and comply with regulations.


Unlock the power of Actionable AI safely and ethically.

Our services assist enterprises in addressing the various challenges associated with AI-based solutions. By partnering with us, they can:

  • Ensure actionable and ethical AI adoption with clearly identified risks and mitigation strategies.
  • Guarantee that AI is used solely for its intended purpose, with checks on outcomes that may not align with an organization's policies or ethical guidelines.
  • Implement robust security and privacy controls to prevent unauthorized or unintended use.
  • Adhere to legal, ethical, and social responsibilities.
  • Comply with country-specific laws and guidelines related to AI-based solutions.
  • Enable continuous monitoring and alignment of AI-based solutions with enterprise goals.

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