Business Process Management

Business processes are part of the critical path of progressive business change. Often driven by compliance laws and quality initiatives, they are coming under intense scrutiny. The speed at which you can combine your capabilities into new business processes defines your ability to succeed.

Salzer Consulting Business Process Improvement examines your current business operations to ensure that every activity provides meaningful value. Our vertical industry experts use best practices to help you eliminate process step errors, needless tasks, and process bottlenecks.


Consolidations and other major changes have created a host of fragmented processes that drain financial and human resources and diminish your ability to respond to changing market and client demands. To stay competitive, you must:

  • Integrate business processes across product and organizational lines to leverage assets, minimize costs, and increase flexibility.
  • Implement enhanced processes in support of new product and service rollouts.
  • Support compliance and regulatory requirements.

Our Approach towards Business Process Management

Salzer Consulting identifies the root cause of process inefficiencies and develops practical, cost-effective approaches to:

  • Streamline processes to expedite new product introduction.
  • Standardize, integrate, and improve existing processes.
  • Design and implement new processes.
  • Simulate and model processes.
  • Define process metrics and performance management strategies.
  • Change-management activities include training, communications, and alignment of reward systems and performance measurements.

Measurable Outcomes

Integrated, efficient, and flexible business processes enhance overall business performance and create key competitive differentiators. They allow you to:

  • Optimize utilization of resources and assets.
  • Adjust rapidly to marketplace challenges.
  • Reduce delays and enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Enhance collaboration with partners and customers.