Salzer Technologies training goal - To make sure every student in our training program get the best results from their investments.

Salzer Technologies offers training packages designed to ensure you understand how to get the most information from the Portal & Content management solutions development areas.

  • Building the portal solutions using Microsoft SharePoint Technologies
  • Content management solution development using OpenText

Why do you need to get the Portal & Content management trainings from Salzer?

Salzer Technologies has been delivering various Portal & Content management solutions to various Fortune 500 companies & Government agencies. All of our course materials are developed in-house, based on our Portal & Content management solutions, so you will be taking your classes from the people who created them. Whether you are a new or experienced SharePoint / Documentum developer, Salzer offers focused training courses to help ensure your development skills productivity in your Portal & Content management solutions development areas.

The Salzer training staff is ready to help the student understand about Portal & Content management software technologies more effectively.
Our classes feature:

  • Small class size
  • Hands-on development with one student per computer
  • Emphasis on student participation in class
  • Latest software version with highly configured computers
  • Free e-mail & telephone support for students, both while taking a class and after class room hours

Based on the above core points it would be appropriate to get the training from Salzer Technologies.

Public classes are offered at our India office. We also offer custom training packages and on-site training given at your office.